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Sarah Hasting

Sarah Hasting

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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 16:13

Grandview State Park Outing- Beckley

The residents and staff of the the Beckley Bayberry enjoyed an outing and picnic to the Grand View State Park recently.

Many smiles and laughs were shared as they enjoyed the beautiful scenery, weather, swinging and lunch.

Enjoy the following pictures of their day and the memories that were made.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 13:35

Music and Volunteers at The Bayberry

One of the many joys of living at The Bayberry are the many volunteers that come to share their music and talent with the residents. So many of them take time out of their day to come share it with our residents. From individuals to groups, your gift of music is a blessing to the residents. It offers many smiles and fellowship with one another. Reminiscing of years past and thinking of that one special moment in time when you first heard that song for the first time. Our volunteers perform a range of music from oldies but goodies, to hymns and gospel, and even some current tunes. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your gift and time.... it is priceless for our residents!

Below are pictures from the Eden Bayberry (Dulcimer music by Cords and Strings)

and Greenwood Bayberry (Bluegrass and gospel artist Little Roy)



Greenwood is blessed to have three sisters who call The Bayberry home.

See attached article about their life growing up and what led them to The Bayberry!


Wednesday, 08 March 2017 17:19

Staff Retirement at Roanoke Rapids

At The Bayberry we take pride in our staff for the care and compassion they give our residents. We would like to congratulate Mildred Martin at The Bayberry of Roanoke Rapids on her Retirement. Mildred has worked at The Bayberry since we opened the doors in 1989. Wow! Over the years she has worn many hats at The Bayberry, including being the Beautician, which she will continue to do. We want to thank Mildred for her years of service at The Bayberry through her hard work and dedication!

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